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3 Home Remedies for BV

Welcome and thanks for visiting our site home remedies for bv.  Bacterial Vaginosis is a common occurrence among women, if you have tried medication yet it did not relieve you, there is still hope.  In this site we give you a comprehensive analysis of home remedies to help you get rid of this nightmare.

A fridge is a common appliance in every home.  Make use of it by refrigerating tea bags that are soaked in clean water.  Cool the tea bags to a bearable temperature and insert in the vagina.  This will help alleviate the itchiness.

Cool temperatures help reduce burning sensations.  If you experience such,take a piece of clean cloth and soak it in clean cold water then place it where you feel the itchiness.  This helps soothe the burning sensations by causing the blood vessels to constrict.

Natural Home Remedies for BV

Yogurt is a known effective home remedy for bv.  Yogurt may be eaten daily until the symptoms completely disappear. Alternatively, dip cotton plugs in yogurt and insert in your vagina this will ensure the parts that are affected come in to contact with the yogurt.  If you don’t like yogurt you can also add turmeric powder to fresh milk and drink for a couple of days until the symptoms disappear.  Know that the yogurt bv treatment is one of the most common home remedies for bv.

Better still you can go the herbal way for bv treatment and use a herb named tracheal.  The herb is first dried, crushed by hand and then added to boiling water which is then drank instead of tea.

Garlic has many other medicinal values but also comes in handy when dealing with bv.  Garlic cloves can be eaten daily or they can be crushed together with onions then wrapped in a gauze and inserted in the vagina.  Be careful not to let it stay in your vagina for more than thirty minutes as it may cause new sores to develop.

When did you last buy undergarments? Wearing undergarments for a long time without replacing them will aggravate the situation. Ensure you regularly get rid of the old ones and get yourself new ones.  The undergarments should also be washed with a soap that has anti-bacterial properties to help kill the bacteria.

Wearing undergarments that are too tight also worsens the bv.  Find fitting undergarments which will not harbor moisture in the vaginal area while at the same time will allow proper air circulation.

As a lady when you use the bathroom always ensure you wipe yourself from the front to the back.  This helps in preventing transferring of germs from the rectal area to the vagina which may cause a reinfection.

Bathtubs are known to harbor bacteria, next time you want to enjoy a nice bath, properly clean and disinfect the bathtub to kill any bacteria that may be waiting to infect you.

Avoid using strongly scented soaps and tampons or sanitary towels as they also increase the intensity of bv.


home remedies for bv

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These home remedies for bv are effective and you will have something to thanks us for, try this bv treatment and reclaim your womanhood!

Don’t Use Antibiotics for BV, Seriously?


Are Antibiotics good for you to treat BV? NO they are not, they can cause so much more Bacteria to come into vagina, not necessarily the good bacteria you need either. Did you know? antibiotics for bv is the most common prescribed solution by doctors, why not natural remedies? There is plenty of evidence and my own experience that in the long term it only makes the condition worse, and plus their so expensive to have to constantly consume. Antibiotics actually increases the chances of cancer, aside from its relationship with bacterial infections.Antibiotics don’t just kill the bad, they also kill some good. There’s suppose to be a perfect balance of good and bad bacteria in your body.

The antibiotics actually hurt the immune system, other then in theory their suppose to help the immune system. So treating your Bacterial Vaginosis will actually allow yeast infections occur, not only that but it will always be recurring and become a chronic condition, other then treating it. Serious damage can also happen to your body by the antibiotics allowing other toxic infections to find their way in. I also got bad breath after taking the medication, and after my research the medication actually kills on the good bacteria in your intestinal tract. When this happens your digest system actually starts to digest and process food incorrectly.

Most women go to doctors, and they get prescribed antibiotics. Don’t get me wrong, this may help for some women. Everyone has their own ways, and every way works differently with everyone. Vagina’s actually have small amounts of bad bacteria, and good bacteria. So basically the antibiotics are killing off both bacteria’s which leaves the vagina in a venerable place for other infections to come in and breed.

So i’m going to close this article with recommending to consider Home Remedies for BV. There are plenty of options i have done my self and have researched. Its mostly keeping a great healthy diet. Consume the correct foods like vegetables, fruits, yogurt, etc.. The most effecttive though, through my own experience is probiotic tablets. They are very quickly effective.


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Natural Remedies for BV


Try These Natural Remedies for BV

Tired of getting zero results from your doctors medication? Well if you want to start having a better quality in life again with out bacterial vaginosis getting in your way, here are some natural remedies for bv you can try.natural remedies for bv

First lets start off with my favorite, yogurt, yogurt has countless amounts of good natural nutrients. To maintain a healthy level of good bacteria consume atleast 4 cups a day. Make sure that it is plain yogurt, and yum is it good to eat. I have also heard in my research of females getting tampons and dipping it in yogurt and using it as a douche. Insert the the tampon in the vaginal canal which will inject good bacteria into the vagina. Taking many different kinds of supplements is also good to improve your whole immune system, which is a good way to cure your vaginosis. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that you can get in a pill form. I recommend to take two of those a day, and this is a good prevention to bad bacteria’s.

When women take conventional medication there are high odds of repeated attacks which worsen. This happens because they are antibiotics and will weaken your whole body because its fighting of your immune system killing all the bacteria. Bacteria vaginosis will inevitably return to your body and when it does your immune system will be weaker then it was in the beginning. So there for its going to come back much more aggressive and rapid. This reason is the biggest reason why women look for natural remedies for BV, other then bothering to deal with the medication that’s given from the doctor.

You will be permanently cured of your bacterial vaginosis when all the bad bacteria dies away. When the bad bacteria does die away make sure to keep up a good health. Keep a healthy mindset, I believe it does help alot. Then of course keep up a healthy intake on your foods by eating veggies, fruits, probiotic pills, etc. This is all a good way to naturally prevent your bacterial vaginosis to reappear again.


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BV Treatment


A Natural & Effective BV Treatment

Bv is a common occurrence among women and the good news is that we have bv treatment for you here. To begin with, it is important to find out what really causes bacterial vaginosis.  Normally, the vagina has bacteria which is useful in ensuring the vagina is protected from harmful infection.  Bacterial vaginosis occurs when there is a sudden and abnormal increase in the number of bacteria in the vagina.  This sudden and abnormal increase in the bacteria may be caused by a number of factors as discussed below.

Among the major contributing factors is excessive vaginal douching. This alters the pH values of the vagina that contributes to this multiplication of the bacteria.  Also the use of strongly scented soaps and tampons or sanitary towels also increases chances of getting bv by changing the pH levels in the vagina.

Another contributing factor is wearing under garments for long without disposing of them.  This will increase chances as they may harbor bacteria which may infect you due to the prolonged use of the under garment.  In addition to this, wearing tight fitting under garments is also another contributing factor  to bv.  Tight under garments trap moisture in the vaginal area and also reduce air circulation.  This moist environment created and lack of circulating air encourages rapid growth of the bacteria.

Next, after using the bathroom, you may find yourself in the habit of wiping yourself from the back to the front.  This will cause an infection as you may transfer harmful bacteria from the anal area to the vagina.  This will encourage the multiplication of the bacteria in the vagina.

BV Treatment At Home

For bv treatment you want to try several things to get rid of it once and for all.  Among the effective and best treatments,three days to bacterial vaginosis relief works.  It is a 3 day step to step guide for treating it and you are guaranteed a non recurrence of bv after using the book.  The author of the 3 day to bacterial vaginosis relief is Kristin Tomlin, her book can be found in online stores for your convenience.

However,  there are also a range of home remedies you can use to relieve the burning sensations and itchiness.  For starters you may use yogurt.  Yogurt provides many probiotics and may be drank daily for several days until the symptoms completely disappear.  One can also dip cotton buds in the yogurt and insert them in the vagina in order to apply to the vaginal areas that are inflamed.  If you have trouble with yogurt you can use milk, just add turmeric powder and drink it for a couple of days.

You may also decide to go the herbal way and use the tracheal herb.  This herb is first dried then crushed and added to boiling water and drank as tea.

Apart from these, make sure you dispose your old under garments and then buy new ones that are properly fitting and wash them with an anti-bacterial soap to kill the bacteria.

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Try our bv treatment methods and get rid of it completely.

How to Get Rid of BV

How to Get Rid of BV

There are many ways to get rid of bv.  On this page I will cover a few different ways, know that there is not a one size fits all solution here, what may work for me, might not work for you.  Some experimenting and commitment to getting healed is required if you really want to get rid of bv.


They only work for a short period of time and then you’re right back where you started.  The old way to get rid of bv was to see a doctor and get put on antibiotics, period.  Unfortunately those antibiotics  didn’t permanently get rid of the problem and in most cases women had to be put on other medicine to help “undo” what the antibiotics were supposed to take care of in the first place.

Fortunately, in 2014, we have many ways to get rid of bv through not only newer, more powerful antibiotics, but also natural remedies for bv.

Let’s Explore How to Get Rid of BV Naturally

I want to tell you how to get rid of bv for good, you need to decided which course of action to take.  First, realize that your PH is off balance down there and what how to get rid of bvyou don’t want to do is get rid of the good bacteria that is in there fighting the good old fight for a healthy vag.  To restore balance you need to take a quick peek at your diet.   If you don’t have garlic in there, guess what?  That’s right, it’s time to eat garlic on the regular.   OK, something I need to address here ladies.  I’ve been reading on the internet that some women believe that inserting the actual garlic clove into the vag is a good idea?  WHAT?!?!   I have never had to do that and don’t ever plan on doing that.   Get your PH levels in balance through eating raw garlic first.

Next, understand that peroxide works well!   Yep, something most of us have in our bathroom closets can help provide temporary relief, getting rid of that awful smell. I’ve combined peroxide washes and eating raw garlic daily and the smell is gone and I feel amazing.   Give it a try, it works.  


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